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Now You Can Play PS4 Games On IOS Devices With Remote...

Play your favorite games on PS5 and PS4 consoles, pause the action and switch to another device without being tied to the TV. PS Remote Play is available on Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone or iPad, Windows PC and Mac, as well as your PS5 and PS4 consoles.

Now You Can Play PS4 Games On iOS Devices With Remote...

That means you can start playing with your PlayStation console connected to a TV, pause your game and access the PS Remote Play app on your chosen device, and your game will be there, ready to keep playing from exactly where you left it. Or you can switch on your PlayStation console and start playing directly from the app, with no need to ever switch on your TV.

Android devices running Android 8 or later can play PS Remote Play games using on-screen controls. Devices running Android 10 or higher can connect to a DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller via Bluetooth4. The DualSense wireless controller is supported on Android devices running Android 12 or later5.

Just like Android phones, iOS devices can stream all games from a local PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 or PS4 Pro. And, you can link your DualShock 4 or DualSense controller to your device to play them in any room in the home.

Remote Play effectively uses your smartphone, tablet, PC or PS Vita as a wireless screen for a PlayStation 4 or 5. It streams whatever is playing on the console straight to the second screen, with control codes going back in the other direction.

Other than these settings, you will see that all the controls found on a controller are present on-screen (although you can also hide some of them). All games will work with them, but you might find some just aren't that playable with touchscreen buttons as we've said above.

Remote play is specific to iPhone users; that is the most used application for casting a PS4. Most people use this application for streaming or recording video games. This application allows the users to do multiple functions.

It helps you to stream your mobile phone to your PlayStation 4 easily. It is a highly recommended app for screen mirror Android to PS4. It is mainly for Android smartphones running version 2.2 or high. It automatically provides you with a range of available devices.

You can get free access to PS4 access and functionalities through the PS4 second screen. This app enables you to watch game info while playing games on PlayStation 4. You can also do texting on PS4 using your mobile device.

AirDroid Cast is an efficient mirroring or casting application that lets the user cast their tiny devices on a bigger screen. This application is the perfect choice for the users who want to share their screen with other devices like PC, Mac, Android, iPhones etc.

Today, Sony released its 6.50 firmware for PlayStation 4 systems. The tentpole feature of the update is support for remote play to iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. The release coincided with the release of a "PS4 Remote Play" app on the Apple App Store.

These buttons are accessible with the on-screen touch overlay that represents a PS4 controller, though, and this overlay is as good as such overlays can be. I found it adequate for controlling most non-action games, even if I constantly had to fight the temptation to tap on UI elements instead of navigating to them with a virtual control stick.

On an iPhone XS sharing a local network with my PlayStation 4 Pro (which was connected to the router via Ethernet), I was able to max both of these settings with no issues. Unfortunately, you can't play over LTE, and I wasn't able to test playing over the Internet via another WiFi network today. It's a safe bet that anyone trying that will have a rougher go of it, though.

I tried out a bunch of games and found that the experience was as good as you could expect on local Wi-Fi; it's adequate for turn-based and slow-paced games like strategy games, traditional Japanese role-playing games like Dragon Quest XI, or walking simulators. But don't expect to play Call of Duty or Bloodborne this way. There's just too much input lag. On the other hand, visual fidelity is great.

Sony hasn't made any announcements about expanded Android support yet (though lackluster support is possible with third-party apps on that platform). But Android support doesn't seem too unlikely. Meanwhile, Microsoft is planning on making streaming games to a variety of devices a key part of its console strategy for the future.

Remote Play on iOS doesn't currently allow users to pair a PlayStation 4 gamepad with the smartphone or tablet they're playing on. Instead, users must use an overlaid virtual button layout (seen above).

In the meantime, players can enjoy the hundreds of games available from both the Google Play Store and cloud gaming and remote play services offered by Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, GeForce Now, Steam Link, and more. Find out all the ways you can play by checking out our game and platform discovery pages.

Yup, PS Remote Play requires you to log into an PlayStation console. It can be any console--whether you own it, rent it, or borrow it, that decision is up to you. No console? No problem. Every purchase of the Backbone One includes trials to the most popular cloud game streaming services, including Google Stadia Pro. Google Stadia Pro lets you play hit games like Cyberpunk and Resident Evil Village. Learn more here at

PS4 Remote Play is available for Android as well and it works great there but it is an exclusive app for Sony Flagships as of now. You can follow the same steps and enjoy playing games on your Android device.

The following are the different combinations of compatible devices and PlayStation consoles for using Remote Play. For instructions on downloading the app and getting started with Remote Play, go to one of the links below.

In most cases, using controllers that are MFi-certified (Made for iPhone) will be good enough to play these games on your iPhone. Moreover, the DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers from Sony are officially compatible with the iPhone and iPad.

As mentioned earlier, strategy or turn-based games are the best gaming titles to try on your iPhone or iPad via Remote Play. Nonetheless, here is a list of a few of the best PlayStation games you can play using PS Remote Play:

Sony made it clear in a PlayStation Blog post that the DualSense controller will not work on PS4 consoles, as the two devices aren't compatible when connected directly. The console manufacturer has not provided a reason why this is the case, but it's a bit strange considering that the PS4 controller is forward-compatible with the PS5 and backward-compatible with the PS3.

However, if all you have is a PS4 console and DualSense controller (no PS4 controller to play with), you can indirectly connect these incompatible devices with the help of two middlemen: PS Remote Play or the Titan Two adapter.

You can fiddle with frame rate and resolution settings by picking Open Preferences in the Remote Play app on your remote device before you begin playing. On your remote device, open the app and select Start to locate and pair your device to your PS4. Then sign in with your PlayStation Network account and enjoy gaming your day away while someone else uses the TV to enjoy their stories.

Remote Play launched in 2013, handing gamers the option of playing their games away from the console by using the PS Vita. The function was later introduced to the Experia and, in recent times, Windows and Mac.

Of course, you could furnish yourself with an MFI-certified gamepad to use remote play more effectively. There are a few good ones out there but the SteelSeries Nimbus is the most popular option available.

Kavan Flavius is a games and sports writer from Saint Lucia who also contributes to other Valnet sites other than TheGamer, including TheSportster, TheRichest and Hotcars. As you can see, he's trying to get that young Kratos/old Kratos look going but has realized it's not going to be that easy (head tattoo incoming, in case you were wondering). Kavan is an absolute sucker for NBA basketball, Premier League football and videogames. His all-time favorite videogame, as if you couldn't already tell, is God of War but FIFA ranks right up there. He's also got lots of love for those two Destiny titles. Feel free to connect with Kavan on Twitter @KavanFlavius.

If you want to play your PS5 games on a desktop or laptop, you can stream them using the PS Remote Play app. Download the app for Windows(Opens in a new window) or Mac(Opens in a new window), install it, then log into your PSN account. It will then search for all PlayStation consoles available for streaming.

To stream PS5 games to your phone or tablet, download the PS Remote Play app for Android(Opens in a new window) or iOS(Opens in a new window), open it, and log in to your PSN account. You will be prompted to connect a PS4 controller through your phone's Bluetooth settings; yes, you can play PS5 games with the PS4's DualShock controller.

You can also play with touch controls if you don't have a gamepad handy, and on iOS, I found that Made for iPhone (MFi) controllers like the Gamevice(Opens in a new window) worked without fuss. The PS5's DualSense controller is not currently supported on mobile platforms, though.

If you still have an old PS4 handy, it should have downloaded the PS5 Remote Play app through an automatic update. This app allows you to stream your PS5 games to your PS4, so you can play on another TV in the house (or at someone else's house entirely). Open the app and it'll automatically search for your PS5 and connect.

Thanks to PlayStation 4's update to firmware version 6.50, Remote Play is now available on iOS. It allows you to play your PS4 games from an iPhone or iPad remotely. To access it, you'll need to download the Remote Play app and set it up to work along with your PS4. Here's how to do it:

Now you can play your PS4 games on your iPad using the onscreen buttons. This isn't ideal for everyone, but it's just one option. With the release of iOS 13, you can also use your DualShock 4 controllers with your iPad. Previously, you were limited to the onscreen buttons only. 350c69d7ab


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