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Health Coaching

Hedges will work with you one-on-one to create a bespoke program, supporting you with weight loss, anxiety reduction, understanding nutrition, and fitness motivation. This is a lifestyle transformation, that it tailored to meet your individual goals and fit into your life. You will work together over several months to make wellness part of your everyday routine.

Health Shake

Blueprint Health Coaching

This is a 90 minute session with Hedges, to review your current health status. You will work together to set goals and establish a custom blueprint for you to achieve these goals. You will also receive a 3 day meal plan and bonus materials.

Premium Services

Add-on to Your Health Coaching Package

Healthy Food
Organic Vegetables
Cooking Eggs

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Workout Buddy

Sometimes going to a new class or starting a new workout routine for the first time is intimidating and uncomfortable. Hedges will go to a class, or start your new workout routine with you!

Workout Wardrobe Refresh

Feeling confident in your workout clothes is so important in starting your fitness journey! Hedges will come to your apartment and go through all your workout clothes with you- to get rid of anything that does not inspire fitness in your life. We will then go shopping (online or in person) at the hottest brands to completely re-style your workout wardrobe, so you feel refreshed and excited about fitness. This is a sure way to feel confident and motivated!

Meditation + Breathwork

30 minute meditation+breathwork practice, tailored to meet your individual needs.

Private Yoga

An hour-long yoga session, tailored to your individual needs. This can range from a quick paced vinyasa to a restorative class.

Meal Demo + Meal Plan

Hedges will come to your home and teach you how to make healthy and delicious breakfast, dinner, or meal prep options that align with your health and wellness goals. You will learn which ingredients are best to use in all dishes, and how you can store and use them throughout your week!  *All ingredients will be ordered and delivered before demo (non-inclusive of pricing)

Grocery Store and/or Farmers Market Haul

Hedges will meet you at your local grocery store(s) and/or farmers market and help you shop for ingredients. You will learn more about which brands are best to buy, how to read labels and ingredients lists- to spot hidden sugars, preservatives, inflammatory ingredients etc.- and which healthy options make your wellness journey more accessible and tangible. You will buy items for new recipes (which Hedges has recommended to meet your needs), and be completely set up for your week ahead.

Kitchen Clean-Out & Restock

Hedges will come to your home to go through your kitchen to clear out any food/products that no longer align with your new wellness goals. She will explain why we are ridding of these items, and find healthy swaps to replace them. Depending on your individual meal plan/wellness goals, she will work to stock the kitchen with items that align with said plan- making the whole process more manageable and accessible. Diving deeper into understanding labels and ingredient lists, you will learn how to spot hidden sugars, preservatives, and inflammatory ingredients in everyday items. All new products will be ordered online for grocery delivery (non-inclusive of price).