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About Hedges

Hedges is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, as well as a 200-Hour RYT Yoga Teacher. She is also trained and certified in Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Ayurveda, and Breathwork. Working in Luxury Lifestyle and events in Manhattan for many years, she went on to pursue her passion for all things wellness and lifestyle in 2018. Upon completing her health coaching program in 2019, she traveled to Bali, Indonesia to continue to grow her education by completing her Yoga Teacher Training, with a specialization in Ayurveda (the sister science to yoga, with an emphasis on nutrition.) After Bali, Hedges continued to immerse herself in the ever-growing health and wellness community and it’s teachings. Teaching yoga and studying various nutrition theories, she was inspired to share these passions with others as a way to bring wellness to a broader audience. Combining her knowledge and passions for fitness, nutrition, cooking, and lifestyle planning, she created her health coaching program for women struggling to fit wellness into their busy lives. 
After years of what she calls, “finding the balance between wellness and actually living life in NYC,” she now coaches women in doing exactly this: integrating wellness into their lives with ease. Hedges’ coaching program supports women to implement simple and tangible wellness principles into their everyday lives so they can lose weight, manage their stress/anxiety, understand nutrition and what foods/products are actually healthy, and find motivation with fitness. 
Teaching wellness as a lifestyle practice- rather than a diet- is the core essence of Hedges program and philosophy.  She says, “after watching so many people fall-off their diets time and time again, because it’s never been taught to them as a lifestyle practice, my approach is to allow people to continue living life, but with more knowledge and awareness on how to return to wellness, in any given situation- all without compromising a vibrant lifestyle.” For those who follow along with Hedges life via Instagram or in-person, you know that she is constantly out and about, traveling and at parties/dinner with friends. She believes that her wellness practice and knowledge is what grounds her, and allows her to live the life that she does, all while staying healthy- mentally and physically. 
Hedges currently lives in Manhattan, NYC and spends summers in her hometown of East Hampton, NY. She loves to surf, ski, cook, try new restaurants, travel, and spend time with her friends/family.

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