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Holistic Hedges

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Live Healthy Without Compromising a Vibrant Lifestyle

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So often people feel that being healthy will restrict their lifestyle. Learn to live healthy while still eating out, socializing, traveling, and doing everything you love, by establishing lifestyle habits that will change your relationship to health and wellness.

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What to Expect : Health Coaching

Hedges helps women make health and wellness a lifestyle, by implementing simple and tangible wellness practices into their lives, to help with weight loss, understanding proper nutrition, reducing anxiety, and motivating fitness. Her goal is to show them how to do this without sacrificing their vibrant lifestyle.

One-on-One Support + Accountability

All programs are bespoke, and take all of your goals into account. Hedges gets to know you over the course of several months, so she can figure out the best ways to implement wellness into YOUR lifestyle. Being held accountable has been proven to help people reach their goals. This is one of the best benefits to working with a coach. Hedges will give you high-touch support throughout the program.

Weight Loss/Maintenance

With a busy life that includes eating out, traveling, and social events it's often challenging to maintain a healthy diet and weight. Hedges will work with you to find a meal plan that fits into your lifestyle. Helping to source delicious recipes or figuring out what to order at your favorite restaurants, you will work together to reach your goals.

Nutrition Knowledge

With so much information and misleading marketing out there today, having knowledge of how to properly read a label, menu, and ingredient list goes a LONG way in taking ownership of your health. You'll learn healthy swaps for products and brands, which ingredients to avoid, how to build a balanced plate, and so much more!


In the age of social media, being a women is even harder. With constant comparison the anxiety over body image and fitting into the perfect dress  gets harder every single day. Working with Hedges to create a lifestyle that includes wellness will help build confidence as you strive towards the best version of yourself. With support and accountability, you will work towards looking and feeling your best!

Anti-Anxiety, Sleep, and Mindfulness Practices

Anxiety and sleep issues have never been more prevalent. Giving yourself the tools to overcome these moments of anxiety and stress is so important. Furthermore, sleep is one of the most critical parts to your overall wellbeing. You will learn practices to combat anxiety, start your day in a more mindful way, and wind down for a restful nights sleep. Mental health is one of the biggest components of wellness, and mindfulness is an amazing tool to implement every single day. 

Fitness Planning and Motivation

The hardest part of fitness is starting! Hedges will work with you to create a fitness routine that is exciting and works into your lifestyle. Hedges is a firm believer in a fitness routine that serves the body as well as the mind; this means no more killing yourself in the gym and resenting fitness. You will work together to figure out what serves you best and create a lifelong fitness regiment that makes you excited.

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Hedges is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, as well as a Yoga and Meditation Teacher, with years of experience in Luxury Lifestyle planning and events. She supports women in implementing simple and tangible wellness practices into their everyday lives, to help with weight loss, understanding proper nutrition, reducing anxiety, and fitness motivation. Set up a discovery call to see how Hedges can support you in making wellness a lifestyle!

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My coaching method was born after watching so many women fall-off their health routines time and time again, instead of integrating wellness as an entire lifestyle practice.  My approach is to allow women to continue living life, but with more awareness and knowledge around returning to wellness - all without compromising a vibrant lifestyle.

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