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[S11E15] Swept Away - A Very Special Episode 2021

Christine Lahti played the new executive assistant district attorney, Sonya Paxton, for five episodes, starting with the first episode through to the fourth episode. She returned briefly in the eighth episode, where she clashed with Cabot.[11][12] Neal Baer said "She's from Appeals and she's tired of having rape cases overturned because of misidentifications. She's coming to clean things up".[4] Stephanie March returned temporarily for ten episodes starting with the fifth episode playing ADA Alexandra Cabot, while SVU attempted to find a permanent ADA.[13] Sharon Stone joined the cast in the twenty-first episode "Torch" on April 28.[14] She played Jo Marlowe, the new assistant district attorney for a four-episode arc. SVU executive producer Baer described her character as "a funny adrenaline junkie who loves to be in the middle of everything and shares a past with Stabler. She's been married before and has a lot of secrets."[15] She began filming her scenes in March.[16] Her performances were not well received by television critics. Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly concluded her first episode as, "an episode filled with such clunky dialogue and improbable details that by the end, she seemed like a 'special victim' herself".[17]

[S11E15] Swept Away - A Very Special Episode


Sarah Paulson played Ann Gillette, a woman with powerful ties to crime, in the episode "Shadow". Naveen Andrews played the undercover cop investigating her. Paulson stated in an interview that "it's not easy to sort of draw on reality per se, when you're trying to get into the mind of a potential sociopath."[26] Comedian Kathy Griffin guest starred in the episode "P.C.", playing a lesbian activist named Babs Duffy. She was originally going to share an onscreen kiss with Benson. She said "Yes, we have a lesbian kiss".[15][27] Despite the kiss between the characters being shown in a "behind the scenes" video, it was not shown in the final edit.[28] Instead, Duffy leans in for a kiss but Benson pulls away.[29][30] Filming of this episode, including the kiss, is documented in the June 15, 2010 episode of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-list. Tony Award winner Sutton Foster also appeared in the episode "P.C." as Rosemary, a lesbian activist who becomes a rape victim.

Hey friends, it's been a while, but I'm excited to finally announce the beginning of Commander Clash Season 8! The long wait is worth it because this season is going to be very special: instead of having one guest join us for an entire season, every single episode of season 8 will feature a new guest! Many of my favorite Commander content creators have graciously agreed to join us for an episode and I'm so excited to share with you what we've recorded!

While this season is full of guests whose work I greatly admire, this episode was the only one where I was truly nervous about doing. The Professor was one of the very first MTG content creators that I followed when getting back into the game. His product reviews have helped me make informed purchase decisions, which was especially valuable back when I didn't have much money to spend. His skits and deck techs, his passion for Pauper, they all are a delight to follow. I've also admired his integrity, honesty, and consistency when talking about the game, and how he never shies away from making constructive criticism when he disagrees with one of WOTC's decisions. He's been a vocal advocate for lowering the price barrier for players to play the game and I respect him a ton for it.

So yeah, I was super nervous about talking to him. First time in my life that I've been nervous talking to someone from the MTG community. But the nervousness quickly washed away when we started talking. The Professor is friendly, professional, but also (surprise!) a regular dude that's easy to relax and play a game of Commander with. It was a special experience for me and I'm thankful to The Professor for doing this with us. 041b061a72


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