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Download Pacific Storm PC Game 2006 UPD

MotorStorm is a 2006 racing video game developed by Evolution Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the Sony PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system. Announced at E3 2005, the game was released in Japan on 14 December 2006 and worldwide in March 2007. MotorStorm has sold over 3 million copies.[1] Two sequels were made, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift in 2008,[2] and MotorStorm: Apocalypse in 2011.[3] Another game was also created, MotorStorm: Arctic Edge, for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable. As of January 2012, the online multiplayer servers for the game have been permanently shut down.

Download Pacific Storm PC Game 2006

Each race requires the player to choose a particular vehicle type and often race against many of the other vehicles. Every track has many different ways of getting through it, each catering to a specific class of vehicle thereby making the racing field more even. The events in the game occur in real-time, such as the mud effects, tire marks, and crashes (for example, if a car loses a wheel, it will remain where it lands for the duration of the race). Each track is filled with a variety of jumps, bumps, cliffs, ledges, mud pits, parts from other cars, and other obstacles. Races are generally three-lap events with two to fifteen racers. There are nine playable tracks in the game with a further four, which were available to purchase as downloadable content through the PlayStation Store.

In March 2006, shortly following the Game Developers Conference, leaked footage of a tech demo was spread across the Internet on sites such as YouTube. The demo showed a yellow buggy and a motorbike both cutting through mud, as well as splashing the mud onto a white truck, and showed violent crashes, such as a bike landing on a purple rally car, causing it to spin out, and a white mud plugger ramming through the yellow buggy, causing it to get crushed by rolling over and crossing through flames and crashing into the guardrail. Being a technical demo, it did not show any gameplay aspects or whether the final game would reach the standard of the E3 2005 video. Sony representative Phil Harrison said it would make an appearance at E3 2006, which eventually did, although it missed the first day of the expo due to the show versions being completed and uploaded to LA that day. The build at the show was only 50% complete but still showed some effects such as motion blur and track deformation.[5]

Two demo versions of the game have been made available to the public. The first was only available on PlayStation 3 retail kiosks, while the second was only available for download from the PlayStation Store. While both demos featured the same track, the kiosk demo allowed the player to switch vehicles on the grid before the race starts, which means that the player was able to race in approximately twenty different vehicles, while the downloadable demo restricted players to two vehicles. The downloadable demo had a smoother frame rate and extra visual detail.

Despite the closure of the multiplayer servers in 2012, it was still possible to download the game updates, as they were required for DLC compatibility. While most PS3 games search for updates from the XMB or after starting them, this game required the user to enter the now-defunct online modes in order to trigger the updating process. The most recent update was version 3.1, but it is no longer officially available to download, despite the DLC being still available for purchase on the PlayStation Store. However, a workaround for both the multiplayer and the game updates download was found in November 2021.[11]

MotorStorm was officially released in Japan on 14 December 2006, where it became the best-selling PlayStation 3 game; and in March 2007 in North America and Europe, the latter as part of the European PlayStation 3 launch on 23 March. Both the North American and European versions include online play, which was not included in the Japanese version at the time of its release. Online play for Japan was released in an update on 20 June.[14]

MotorStorm has received positive reviews, it holds an average rating of 82/100 on Metacritic as of September 2007[18] and 82% on GameRankings.[17] The game was selected as one of Gaming Target's "52 Games We'll Still Be Playing From 2007.[25] On the 11th annual interactive achievement award MotorStorm won racing game of the year. GameSpot praised the games online aspect saying "Motorstorm's rampageous brand of racing is a great deal of fun" as well as the graphics and soundtrack of the game while noting its lack of offline multiplayer and its single-player mode.[26] 041b061a72


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