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Best Place To Buy Massage Chair

Anyone looking to buy an all-purpose massage chair with many of the most popular features on the market (read: voice control, zero gravity, and multiple massage modes) would find something to like about the Real Relax Zero Gravity Massage Chair. It targets your back, neck, and waist with dual-core S-track massage rollers, simulating the feeling of a professional, hands-on massage.

best place to buy massage chair

As far as the long-term use of a massage chair (as in, how many months or weeks you can use it), she says it depends on the reason for your use. If you have muscle soreness or tightness, a chair could be used several times per week for several months at a time; on the other hand, long-term use if you have herniated discs, neuropathy, vascular issues, or osteoporosis or bone density issues could worsen symptoms or cause damage.

Yes. According to Dr. Prestipino, massage chairs can help with injury recovery by reducing stress and promoting relaxation, which can speed up the recovery process. She adds that they can also help with injuries by:

While traditional physical therapy is still the gold standard for injury recovery, more research is being done about the effects of massage chairs on pain. One 2020 study in Medicine (Baltimore), for example, suggests that massage chairs can play a role in improving pain and quality of life.

Both types of rollers refer to the massage rollers in the back of the chair. S-track rollers move between your neck and lower back, following the curve of your spine. L-track rollers, similarly, also follow the curve of your spine, but reach even lower and can massage areas like the glutes and thighs.

Kim SK, Min A, Jeon C, et al. Clinical outcomes and cost-effectiveness of massage chair therapy versus basic physiotherapy in lower back pain patients: A randomized controlled trial. Medicine (Baltimore). 2020;99(12):e19514. doi:10.1097/MD.0000000000019514

Massage therapy is an excellent and soothing way to relieve stress, reduce pain, or unwind after a long day. Similarly, massage chairs are one of the best natural, effective, and convenient ways to relax your mind and body. They are somewhat of an investment, but massage chairs become more valuable the more often they are used. They can pay for themselves in a matter of months, compared to the cost of regular visits to a professional. Massage chairs can indefinitely save you time and money on massage therapy while helping you relieve stubborn pain, stress, and tension through boosted circulation, muscle relaxation, and endorphin release.

Mattress World Northwest collaborates with Furniture for Life, a comfort and wellness company, to bring you the most comfortable stores on earth. We have showrooms in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas that offer a selection of carefully curated massage chairs for sale. Mattress World Northwest showrooms will help set you on a path to help you relax, rejuvenate and live a better life.

There are a few things to contemplate in selecting a new massage chair for your home. Benefits will be the main factor in your investment. Consider pain relief for specific areas, improved mental health, stress relief, or muscle recovery from a highly active lifestyle. Take into account shipping procedures, warranty, and customer service.

Many massage chairs, like the Positive Posture Sol and Brio+ massage chairs, will slowly recline you back into a position of weightlessness to simulate floating in space. An ideal and comfortable massage position to achieve maximum therapeutic benefits by boosting circulation from having your feet raised above the hips and heart.

An S-track massage chair, such as the Panasonic MA73, uses a massage path guided from your neck to your lower back. An ideal massage chair track type for people with back or neck pain, the S track will mainly target the upper body and the lower legs and feet.

An L track massage chair, like the OHCO R.6, will generally perform similarly to an S track massage chair throughout the back and neck. This kind of track will also extend down into the area of your glutes and hamstrings.

The warmth from infrared heat from the heated rollers on the Panasonic MAJ7 massage chair will penetrate more deeply into the muscles and tendons to create a sense of relaxation. Heat is a great source to help restore healing and alleviate pain relief for people living with arthritis. Many massage chairs, like the OHCO M8, come with user-controlled infrared full body heat for your neck, back, arms, legs, and feet.

Not everyone enjoys an intense deep tissue or powerful massage. Compression therapy within a massage chair utilizes a unique airbag system that will squeeze the legs and arms, sometimes even the hips and shoulders, to renew blood flow and reenergize vital endorphins for restorative healing and pain relief. Massage chairs like the Panasonic MAJ7 and OHCO M.DX offer a total body air-only massage with user-customized intensity. Especially for those with sore, tender, or injured areas, compression therapy will help boost circulation and the healing process. There is no need for maximum pressure involving kneading, tapping, or rolling.

The Positive Posture Brio Sport massage chair is a finely tuned machine with warm-up and cool-down massage routines designed for before and after exercising. The Sport4D intelligent massage with deep tissue massage capability will help boost blood flow, mobilize your spine, and help you recover or warm up before intense activity or exercise. With proper recovery from pre- and post-workout massage, your body will have a heightened ability to:

After weighing all of your options and considering available features on a massage chair, consider your budget. Sticker shock is common while shopping for high-tech devices and home goods with advanced technology. Remember, an average-priced massage chair will pay for itself with a few months of routine use.

So if you are looking for a massage chair in Boston, Cambridge, Quincy, Braintree Town, Waltham, Newburyport, Marlborough, Watertown, Amesbury, Woburn, Franklin, Melrose, Newton, or if you have any questions about massage chairs, please feel free to call us at (888) 978-5285, or simply stop by our Massage Chair Wellness store in Newington, NH, and we would be happy to help you.

The Human Touch iJoy Total Massage is another mid-range massage chair that offers a full recline, air cells for providing compression on the calf and foot area, and an S-track design to massage the neck and back while following the curvature of the spine, though without extending into the glutes and hamstring area.

Like other Osaki chairs, this also features adjustable shoulder airbag massages, as well as 24 airbags spread throughout the chair to provide compression and support for your back, arms, calves, and hamstrings.

This is another massive massage chair that has a lot of features and is relatively affordable. It has a zero gravity recline, SL-track massage, can scan and detect the curves of your body to provide a better massage, and provides heat through your back and waist.

Being an ideal budget-friendly pick for a massage chair, this one has some decent features for the price. What we love is that you can choose between receiving a deep-tissue massage, a gentle relaxing massage, or one that targets specific sore muscles and knots. Plus, it comes with a heating function to soothe your muscles, though some reviewers claim that it can get too hot after a few minutes.

If you have tight hip flexors, calves, or just generally want to loosen up your leg muscles in addition to your upper body, then this massage chair is a great pick. It includes an L-track rolling system, meaning it will start from the top of your neck and work its way down to your calves (though a few reviewers say that the foot-massage feature can feel a bit rough).

Plus, it's a two-stage zero-gravity massage chair, which enables you to raise your feet above your heart and stretch out your knees for even better blood flow during your massage. You can specify where on your body you want the massage to focus on, and control each feature with a remote. It's also available in multiple color combinations.

Different chairs offer different types of massage. Most have rollers in the back of the chair that work your neck, shoulders, arms, and back. But you may also see full-body massage chairs that include rollers for your legs and feet.

There are also "3D" and "4D" massages that add an element of depth. These massage chairs can push harder to apply more pressure to different parts of your body. You can even find people claiming to make a shiatsu massage chair, if you want to try acupressure from home.

Find something that suits your needs. Don't shell out for a full-body shiatsu massage chair if you just want some pressure off your back. Likewise, if you're just after a little foot massaging, you can get a device for that without having to pick up a whole chair.

You can find all kinds of features in the world of massage chairs. Some of these are common sense and provide basic benefits, as you'd expect, but you may find one chair that is much more expensive than another and the only difference is a few extra conveniences.

Some features may be extravagant bells and whistles that would be fun to have, but may not be worth the cost. You probably already have Bluetooth speakers in your living room, so you probably don't need a massage chair that comes with them built in. Some chairs will even save different massage programs for different members of your household, but that may not be necessary if your family just remembers their preferred settings.

Ready to ease aching muscles with the touch of a button? When picking one, think about size and cost first. New features like zero gravity tilt and foot massagers can be worth the extra money. And look for a style that works for the room. A big chair looks fine in a man cave but may look out of place in the dining room.

Zero-gravity massage chairs usually have small seat widths that feel cramped and uncomfortable for some people. The Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner has a slightly larger seat and is great for taller people. It has the usual high-quality features of other Real Relax models, including six massage modes, SL roller track design, heated elements, automatic body scan, foot massage, and zero-gravity reclining. However, this chair allows you to customize your massage, with three levels of intensity, five levels of airbag pressure, and three massage roller widths. It even has hand massage capabilities built into the armrest. It can accommodate up to 400 pounds of weight and comes with a Bluetooth speaker so you can enjoy some music as you relax. 041b061a72


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