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MICROSOFT OFFICE 2010 WORD X64 [thethingy] Downloadl

I recently got a new computer and it has office 10. I use win-zip to pw protect all attachments in my out going mail. I have installed the new win-zip but the pw protctions doesnt work. Ihave a 64 something or another and it only works with a 32. As you con tell I am not and IT person. Do you have another suggested for pw proctecting this data before sedning? It can be an word doc, exl doc of even a PDF doc.Thanks for your help.

MICROSOFT OFFICE 2010 WORD X64 [thethingy] Downloadl


Just remember, the difference between DISK encryption like EFS and FILE encryption like Office 2010 is with Disk encryption, as soon as you copy the file off the disk and into Email for example, the file is no longer encrypted. With Office 2010 and 2007 however, when you put a password on the file the encryption will follow the file so no one can open it without the password. That being said, with EFS as explained in my article, it will encrypt ALL files if you choose.


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