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Retro Remix Quality (9).rar ~UPD~

Mars and The Hooligans perform the song along with a simple synchronized choreography in matching red suits, leopard print shirts and gold chains. The set features a disco ball, vintage stage lights, the set up of the instruments in the background and other elements present in the disco era.[14][70][71][72] The style of the music video greatly resembles the performance held at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.[73] Following the 1970s theme, the video is unavailable in high definition, and is rather shown in standard-definition quality and with a 4:3 aspect ratio. For EW, Kyle Anderson, pointed out "It's all there: The suits, the setting, and the bong-water video effects," while Melinda Newman for HitFix noticed that "to complete the look, the video features special effects, including crude back lighting, wacky dissolves, geometric shapes, and a Star Wars-like background." All of these and the videotape wear were also added to the footage to bring a retro-feel to it.[70][72][74]

Retro Remix Quality (9).rar



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