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Art Wanted To Buy _HOT_

Microsoft, though, were actually the first company to inquire. A Microsoft executive rang Manneh shortly after Persson sent out a tweet asking who wanted to buy out his shares of Mojang. The tweet was a result of all the hate that he was getting for having enforced their End User License Agreement which forbade users from selling their Minecraft-created content to other players. His discomfort at being such a public figure was echoed in later posts that explained that he had to sell the company for his sanity.

art wanted to buy


Also interesting about the deal is Microsoft's motivation behind it. While it won't soothe Minecraft fans' fears that Microsoft will drastically change the game or ruin its charm, Microsoft's motivation was apparently the fact that they wanted to avoid being taxed by the United States government. It's a well documented fact that Microsoft is insanely rich (they actually have more money on hand than the US government) and with $93 billion in their war chest, they need a way to repatriate it without paying a lot of taxes. The solution was to buy Mojang.

Throughout the intervening two years, she came to some more of my exhibitions and would regularly visit my website to see what I was working on. Last week she emailed me to say that she wanted to come to the studio to buy something. And so I sold 2 paintings. The sale took two years to happen but the connection was made the very first time I met her at the art fair.

Updates are key for a good experience, if the buyer wanted just to see the final artwork they could have bought and not commissioned the artwork. Half of the fun is to see your personalised artwork being made. 041b061a72


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